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    dried beef
    for your dog
    Natural snacks for dogs made of
    high-quality dried beef.
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    Your dog will simply love it!
    We are breeders and we offer you a
    tested and balanced product.
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    Manually sliced, dried using air
    in a high-tech dehydrator.
    The snacks do not contain any
    preservatives, additives or colourings.

About us

We are a small family-owned company producing high-quality
snacks for dogs and cats – dried beef eye of round.
We are also hobby breeders of briards (berger de Brie) BRIARD
The quality of the meat offered has regularly been tested by our beloved four-legged friends.
Our snacks are addressed to all people who want their pets to lead a happy and healthy life.

We started a business, which resembles an old manufactory focused on quality.

Fresh beef is manually sliced by us.

Afterwards it is, also manually, prepared to the drying-process in a high-tech dehydrator.

The quality of the product is inspected both by us and by a district veterinary officer.

A few years ago we made first attempts with producing healthy snacks for our dogs.
My wife suggested, that we should try to dehydrate beef at home.
The product, that was developed after many attempts, has become favourite snack of our dogs.
We have been using the dried beef during training, journey or as an everyday-snack since that moment.

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Dried beef

We decided to create a product, that both owners and dogs will love. It is neither something to be disgusted by nor something to be ashamed of.

We are proud that the ingredients list of our product is not a periodic table.

the best beef

Slices of high-quality meat. Analytical constituents: crude protein 78,2%, crude fat 7,3%, moisture under 10%;

healthy snack

Manually sliced and afterwards manually prepared to drying in a high-tech dehydrator.

without additives

The product does not contain any preservatives, additives or colourings.

450 to 100

450g of fresh beef is used to produce final 100g of the product.

History of dried beef

Native Americans firstly came up with an idea to make dried beef.
However, they used to do that in a totally different way than people do it today.
Indians used to put sliced meat on rocks in sunny spots. After that, they used to wait till the product is ready.

Nowadays alpine-climbers and travellers often eat dried beef during their journeys.
They esteem energetic values, easy-keeping and lifespan of such a meal.

Pluses of beef

balanced quantity of fats

About half of fat implicit in beef is unsaturated fat, which is beneficial for the body.

easy absorbable proteins

Proteins are basic ingredients needed to build muscles.

quantity of L-carnitine

Beef contains a lot of L-carnitine, which has a huge role in energy transformation in the body. L-carnitine provides strength and makes it easier for the organism to regenerate after a physical effort.

one of the best sources of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

CLA helps to reduce fat in the body. It also has a protective effect on muscles.

it has a lot of amino-acid called alanine

Alanine defends muscles when there is a lack of carbohydrates in the body.

rich source of group B vitamins

We mean here B6 and B12 vitamins. B12 vitamin participates in creation of red blood cells. It allows to bring oxygen to muscles. B6 vitamin makes it easier for the organism to regenerate after a physical effort. It participates in synthesis of protein, which is needed to build muscles.

and much more!

Make sure that your dog eats healthy from today.

Buy now!

Dried beef for dogs in a 80g package.

450g of fresh beef eye of round is used to produce final 100g of the product.

The product does not contain any preservatives, additives or colourings.

Buy now!
6.8 EUR

Costs of delivery:

1-3 pcs. - 4,50 EUR;
4-8 pcs. - 9 EUR

We started a small online-shop with only one product,

which is dried beef eye of round.

We put our hearts and souls into it.

Enjoy your shopping

Contact with us

Feel free to get in touch with us to get more information.

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Amber Beef Sławomir Kamiński
63-500 Ostrzeszów, ul. Tęczowa 11

+48 603 653 521

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